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Eyeglass Rescue is the only product and service of its type in the world! Now it is available to you through this secure web site, or by toll-free telephone.

EYEGLASS RESCUE uses a patented Identification Sleeve (tube) printed with a unique Identification Number for each pair of eyeglasses. The Identification Sleeve is shrink-fitted onto a temple bar on your glasses in a comfortable, nearly invisible location behind the ear. The Identification Sleeve is protected against moisture, abrasion and removal by a second, clear Protection Sleeve that is placed over the attached Identification Sleeve and then shrink-fitted.


As part of your purchase, the Identification Number on your glasses is registered into our National Database for an initial one year service period. Following that period, renewals are available.

  As added incentive to retrieve your lost eyeglasses, the finder will be sent a "Thank You" reward package courtesy of EYEGLASS RESCUE once your glasses are recovered.
  Once you order EYEGLASS RESCUE, you will receive a Kit which includes:
Eyeglass Rescue's patented Identification and Protection Sleeves
Sleeve attachment instructions
(See instructions)
Registration Instructions/Confirmation
If you have any questions, call EYEGLASS RESCUE at 1.888.950.7507, or email to: customerservice@eyeglassrescue.com